Life Coaching & Personal development

Confidence that pushes you forward
Motive’s that uphold purpose
Resilience that navigates the negative

Our 3-Pillar Foundation


One attribute of a strong individual is confidence. It's one of our pillars because we believe it's difficult to do anything worth-while without it. Our in-depth teaching on confidence is sure to help strengthen yours.


Without strong motives to help push your desires, they will soon die. Reasons for doing what you're doing is a needed piece of the puzzle.


Confidence and motives are great to have but if you fold with every instance of resistance that comes your way, you make it hard to gain traction.

Our Aim


A solid mental & emotional state helps turn setbacks into stepping stones and obstacles into opportunities. Join us on a transformative journey towards personal growth and a stronger version of you.

Our Method


Our coaching is done through online group coaching sessions. We offer 2 unique groups for monthly group coaching that include an Interactive Q&A to get answers to your burning questions post session as well as access to the private CMR community. You also have access to quarterly content for added teaching and insight.(Private Coaching is Available)


This group session introduces you to tips and info to help you build your resilience and pivot when you're faced with life's challenges and less than ideal circumstances. These skills enable you to be bold, focused and driven.

Parent Partnership

This group session helps support parents as they navigate the ups and downs of raising pre-teens and teens. We address topics and tips to help you work with your child and strengthen their confidence, and deal with tough teen challenges.

Youth Ministries

Imparting our young people through youth ministry is a rewarding yet challenging undertaking. We want to join along and support you as you build a community of young people that will make a huge difference in your community.

Our focus is on you being the best person you can be. When you are your best for you, you can be your best for everyone else.

Your Investment

Packages and monthly plans are offered

from $37 - $200/month

Our sessions, Q&A's and content are based and tailored to your individual situation, needs and desires.Schedule a call so I can support you with what you need.

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Our Support

The Team

Chris offers insight and guidance in a way that encourages and motivates people to see their situation in a way that gets them to the next step and elevate to the level that they want to be.

Chris Randle, Personal Development Coach/Founder

We have a network of mental health professionals that we collaborate with to offer sound, beneficial content.

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Life Coaching & Personal development